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March 2012  

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Maybe it's the melatonin...  
11:52am 06/11/2010
Last couple of nights I've had a nightmare about a serial killer. They weren't the same nightmare, but they both involved the serial killer. And they were both terrifying. I'd wake up disoriented, my heart pounding. And it's not that the killer's close to killing me, at least not in both of them. I think he was in the first one and it was the scariest thing ever. And in last night's encounter, it was more just this sheer feeling of hate from him. Like absolute and complete hate so powerful that I could feel it. That's what woke me up last night, the feeling of hate. Powerful and terrifying enough to wake me up. I didn't take melatonin last night. Is this my Freddy? Is this something inside of me that I have to face and conquer? Is it a stupid dream manifesting from my negative emotions and lack of sleep? We'll see how long this keeps up, but I wouldn't be surprised if last night was the last one.

I good you bid evening.
music: Eminem - You're Never Over
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